09 Aug 2023

Embracing Accessibility with AccessiBe: A Key Partner for the Midwest Ecommerce Summit 2023

Embracing Accessibility With AccessiBe: A Key Partner for the Midwest Ecommerce Summit 2023

We are thrilled to announce that AccessiBe, a leading accessibility solution provider, will be partnering with the Midwest Ecommerce Summit on September 29th. In today’s digital era, inclusivity is paramount, and they believe that every online business should prioritize making their platforms accessible to all users. The partnership between AccessiBe and the Summit aims to raise awareness about the importance of web accessibility and empower ecommerce businesses to create more inclusive online experiences.

Accessibility Is Key in Ecommerce

AccessiBe’s revolutionary accessibility tools are designed to make websites compliant with accessibility standards and regulations, ensuring that people of all abilities can seamlessly navigate and engage with online content. AccessiBe enables website owners to implement features such as keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and customizable color contrasts. The Midwest Ecommerce Summit is set to be a transformative event for ecommerce businesses across the region. With AccessiBe as a partner, attendees can look forward to insightful discussions, workshops, and presentations that highlight the significance of accessibility in driving business solutions.

Join AccessiBe at the Midwest Ecommerce Summit 2023

The partnership between AccessiBe and the Midwest Ecommerce Summit on September 29th, 2023, brings an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of web accessibility. Businesses that embrace accessibility open doors to new customer segments while fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for users with disabilities. By incorporating AccessiBe’s solutions, businesses can tap into a vast, untapped market while demonstrating their commitment to creating positive societal change. We can shape a future where online platforms are truly accessible to all, fostering a more inclusive and connected digital world.


Join us at the T-REX conference center on September 29 for a day filled with inspiration, innovation, and actionable strategies that can transform your business.