Can't Wait for the Next Midwest Ecommerce Summit?

You Don't Have To!

Take care of your business and stay fresh on the latest trends in ecommerce with the MES Seminar Series.  Together, we will keep learning all year long with ongoing seminars both online and in-person. Each seminar features 1-2 partners and is designed to show you what’s going on with many different aspects of ecommerce technology and strategy including payments, ERP, SEO, email marketing, ecommerce platforms, omnichannel, customer experience, and more.

Online Events

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of virtual events with an online seminar.

In-Person Events

Get a little more personal with a half-day workshop-style seminar at a physical location.

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MES 2022 Partners

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Get brand exposure to thousands of prospects through email blasts, virtual networking, media replays, blogs, press releases, and info-rich content.