Midwest Ecommerce Summit

come celebrate the "Roaring 20s" of ecommerce at our annual summit

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen hundreds of billions of dollars in increased ecommerce revenues year after year in the US alone! Come celebrate this upward trend of astounding growth and the opportunities the “Roaring 20s” of ecommerce has for us at the Midwest Ecommerce Summit, an annual conference with a full slate of expert speakers and engaging topics.

Midwest Ecommerce Seminar Series

Keep up with the latest trends in ecommerce at seminar events throughout the year.

Together, we will continue to learn all year through both online and in-person seminars. Each seminar will feature a single ecommerce expert or a panel of professionals talking about tools, tech, and strategies regarding platforms, payments, ERP, SEO, email marketing, technology, marketing, omnichannel, customer experience, and more.

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