16 Sep 2020

Get a Free MES 2020 Swag Bag

Real Swag from a Virtual Event?

The best thing about conferences and business events is all the great information and industry updates you learn about. The next best thing is the SWAG!

For people who attend a lot of events, collecting swag becomes a sort of sport, or at the very least, a quest. We prowl the expo hall on the hunt for the best swag items we can find. We compare them with our coworkers and swap and haggle over our haul. It’s kind of like Trick-or-Treating, but for *cough* serious business professionals.

But this year, just like Trick-or-Treating and so many other fun things, the Great Trade Show Swag Grab has been largely cancelled. COVID really is a Grinch, isn’t it?

We thought you might be missing out on all that sweet promo merch this year, so we are mailing out “swag bags” to MES 2020’s top 500 fans. These free packages will contain an MES 2020 tote bag and T-shirt, a printed Cocktails & Questions recipe booklet, and more great gifts from our presenters and sponsors. Swag bag packages will be mailed out shortly after October 8th, the third and final day of MES 2020.

How to Get an MES 2020 Swag Bag

To be considered a “top fan” and receive your complimentary MES swag, you must have a U.S. shipping address and you must attend all three days of the event. Quantity is limited to 500 and we are prioritizing by signup date. The best way to ensure you get your swag is to sign up early and show up to all three webinars.

If you’ve already registered for MES 2020 and need to provide your shipping address or preferred T-shirt size, please use this form.

Why are you waiting?