20 Aug 2021

MES Returns October 21st

We're Celebrating Ecommerce in the New Roaring 20s!

After last year’s very successful inaugural event, the Midwest Ecommerce Summit is back for more in 2021. We’re returning to your screen on October 21st with more insightful presentations. Top industry leaders will be sharing new perspectives on what’s clicking in the world of ecommerce today. From mom-and-pop startups to major global brands, there’s something for everyone at MES 2021!

What's New at MES 2021?

We’re doing things a little bit differently this year compared to last. A lot has changed in the world of ecommerce since last Fall, and we’ve got a whole new agenda in store for this year’s event. Here’s what’s new at MES 2021:

  • New Speakers + Sponsors (plus some returning faves)
  • Streamlined Schedule (just 1 day instead of 3)
  • Hybrid Format (watch the live stream or view on-demand)
  • New Theme (Celebrating Ecommerce in the New Roaring 20s)

Ecommerce has played a leading role in propelling economic growth and recovery throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Without quick thinking and smart digital investments from merchants of all shapes and sizes, we’d be looking at a very different situation today. We think that’s worthy of celebration. So – like Leo in that ubiquitous Great Gatsby gif – we smile, we nod, and we raise our martini glass to the merchants who’ve made it happen this year. We’ll share stories of success, tips for riding the wave of recovery, and wisdom to help you keep your business growth roaring through this decade and beyond.

What Hasn't Changed This Year?

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to bring you insightful information you can actually use in your business – not just boring sales pitches. We are polished, prepared, and most of all PUMPED to be bringing this free event back for you this year.

Another thing that we’re bringing back for round 2 is SWAG BAGS! These were a big hit with our attendees and our partners last year, so we’ll be sending out swag once again. There’s a catch, though. The giveaway is limited to 100 attendees, selected in order of attendance and registration date. So sign up early and be sure to log on to the live event or on-demand portal on October 21st to ensure your chance of winning the prize!

Oh, and just like last year, the 2021 Midwest Ecommerce Summit is 100% FREE to attend thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Tickets are “on sale” now, so don’t miss out on a full day’s worth of valuable ecommerce insights at no cost to your bottom line!

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