04 Sep 2020

The Future of eCommerce in the Age of COVID-19

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Coronavirus & the Future of Ecommerce

Before COVID-19, many businesses took their time launching ecommerce operations. With in-store business and other sales channels to focus on, incentives to move online just weren’t all that compelling. The coronavirus has turned that thinking on its head and created a new sense of urgency around accelerating ecommerce. An omnichannel sales strategy is no longer simply nice-to-have. It’s an absolute must in the age of COVID-19.

Businesses have an opportunity to thrive in this era by moving online — they just need the right infrastructure in place to support digitization. A recent blog post by David Rusenko, General Manager of Ecommerce at Square, outlines several keys to successful ecommerce in today’s landscape.

Curious about the keys to success ecommerce?

Coronavirus has accelerated the significance and need for eCommerce

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