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With its leading data feed management platform, Feedonomics helps brands and retailers optimize and list their product catalog on hundreds of ecommerce shopping destinations around the world. Our full-service solutions for marketplaces and advertising channels automate numerous processes, such as feed setup, order management, and data protection, allowing merchants to focus on other areas of their business. Feedonomics supports thousands of active clients, has integrations with the top ecommerce platforms, and has partnerships with industry leaders, such as Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, and Target Plus.


The Veruca Salt Problem: I see it. I want it. Let me buy it.

Jeff Buechler is 50% chronic puzzle solver/game theorist, 50% digital marketing OG, and 25% not great with percentages. He partners with CEOs, CMOs, and digital executives to provide a unique, pan-industry perspective for growing brands and meeting strategic sales and marketing objectives. In his long and storied time, Jeff has worked closely with nearly all of the IRCE 500 to achieve digital hegemony, but he not-so-secretly holds a special fondness and appreciation for an underdog.

Jeff leads two separate sales teams at Feedonomics where he strives to Sacrifice; asking just a bit more so the good can become the great.

When not evangelizing the benefits of Feedonomics, you can find Jeff in the No. 4 seat of his home poker game, in his garage woodworking (where no matter what he starts out building inevitably becomes a badly built bookshelf), or, most importantly, with his family making memories.