ABOUT Inventory Planner

Supply chain issues continue to affect a majority of US retailers, with 80% reporting impact and 52% experiencing stockouts resulting in loss of sales. On top of that, shipping costs are up by an average of 23%. These challenges add up to missed opportunities and hindered revenue growth. Inventory Planner is a software platform that helps to solve these problems for retailers by predicting what your customers will buy, showing you exactly how much inventory to purchase and when, and giving you versatile reporting functionality. The platform ensures that you will never run out of stock at the locations you need it, while preventing overstocking locations that don’t.

Inventory Planner SPEAKERS FOR MES 2023

Automating your inventory purchasing for stronger cash flow

Inventory Planner’s own Allie Kern is honored to be speaking at MES this year. As a Partner Manager, she focuses her time on recruiting and building relationships with web agencies who share a passion for growing merchant successes. She also helps expand brand awareness and outreach with in person events and sponsorships. Prior to Inventory Planner, she worked directly with merchants in the SMB market, advising them on best practices and solutions. When Allie isn’t recruiting new partners, she is working on DIY home projects or playing golf with her friends. She is always on the hunt for the best spicy margarita in Austin, Texas.